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Sampler Endearing Home Saying and Push Up Tole Candlestick


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This wonderful sampler boasting sublime qualities of expertly done stitching is just a treasure to acquire! The black thread chosen to execute the cross stitch pattern against a delicious, aged, tan ground lends a primitive we all seem to gravitate towards. An early push up candlestick will also accompany the sampler along with a candle.

The sampler design depicts a cozy home flanked by deciduous trees that will certainly change color in autumn. There is a quaint, welcoming pathway that leads to the front door. Two chimney’s ensure that a fire will keep the residents nice and warm during the cold winter months.

The “home” saying is near and dear to our hearts and corresponds with the house scene executed just above. A soft and leafy array sprinkled with flowers captures our attention at the bottom of this piece and certainly has a wispy appearance. The placement of a folk art geometric flower along with the impression of tiny leaves executed in a reversed “V” are a nice respite between the first sentence, “Be It Ever” and the following sentence, “So Humble”. There is plenty of detail to get lost in so to speak!

This turn of the century to 1920’s sampler was executed on course flax / linen fabric that has all the earmarks of being old including darker age stains that are no larger than an eraser on the end of a pencil. The stitches all seem to be accounted for and this textile is in excellent condition as it was probably preserved under glass for many years.

I cannot be certain but I believe the frame is original to this piece and probably dates to around the same period as the sampler. The wooden frame is just a delight as it has been enhanced in the four corners delightfully sporting a raised type of scroll design as referenced in images 10 & 8. The color of this frame is a dark, pale avocado and the edges now have whispers of soft gold. The frame is in great condition without any chips or cracks to report and possess age related wear.

The back of the frame originally did not have a top piece of wood and the flashy gold saw-tooth was much too bright for the overall look of this sampler. Harry fashioned a piece of wood for the top so the new saw-tooth would be more secure and I color matched the paint for both pieces. There are two small screws Harry added located on each end, near the right and left corners so the sampler can be accessed if need be. A tiny portion of the bottom of this screw located on the right hand side did penetrate through the front but is very hard to detect as shown in image 8. The backing chosen for this sampler is heavy cardboard and has appropriate wear.

The candlestick is really a marriage made in heaven as this piece is a perfect complement to the sampler. Pennsylvania Dutch flavor accents this late 19th century tin candlestick with tole painted red tulips incorporated with a classic yellow comma decorations on the front portion of the drip pan. The candlestick has been base coated with a lamplight black color and there is some paint loss that has occurred on the lower portion of the shaft see image 18 and on the front near the edge of the drip pan as shown in image 16.

The lever on the candlestick moves freely up and down and even stays put where it is positioned. The tin on the finger loop was folded over and turned inside the ring. This piece has a rivet that holds the ring in place as shown in image 22. The edge of the drip pan is in very good condition as normally there are deep bends to the outermost edges. There are a couple areas on the edge where the candle would sit that are slightly bent but the overall look is still pleasing.

These two handsome pieces could satisfy a lonely, quaint nook in your home rendering great results that should make you and your homestead very happy! Enjoy!

The sampler stands 10 ½” Tall, measures 8 1/8” across (right to left) and is ¾” deep. The candlestick stands 3 ¾” tall (without the candle) and measures a little over 5 ½” across the bottom (top measurement inside the drip pan is the same).

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