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Sampler Miss Mary Ann Dated 1829


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Nicely executed silk on linen sampler signed and dated in the year of 1829 by Miss Mary Margerum, framed under glass. Mary delights us with a basket of flowers along with two opposing floral designs dotted with a heart center located at the bottom field.

If you look at the signature as well as the date it is obvious that the thread used was thicker compared to the existing thread and colors are not consistent with the rest of the piece. Possibly a family member or Mary herself could have added the date and name sometime in the future. It is a mystery. Rest assured this sampler was worked around the time frame of “1829” whether the date was added later or not.

Above the signature there may be initials of her family members, referencing the three vertical lines that resemble a Roman Numeral of “3” done in green thread that appear on two separate rows. Also the “CEF” done in green thread does not follow the alphabet order. On this same line just before the “B” it appears the “A” was turned into a “D” but I am not seeing any thread loss that would account for this.

Overall condition is nice with age related toning along with a couple of small holes in the linen. I don’t believe the frame is original but is 19th century, possibly the later part of the Victorian era. There are age related cracks along with minor chips in the frame.  Pale suggestions of painted jewel tone hues dot the center of each flower.

This sampler speaks softly but has interesting floral accents that provide whimsical beauty wrought by the maker. The color choice of forest green implemented in the letters seems to liven up this textile by lending interest. I am sure Miss Mary would be quite honored to know her work survived and is now proudly gracing a wall in your home! Enjoy!

Sampler stands 22” tall, measures 14” across and is 1” deep.

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