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Save All Candle Holder accompanies a Still Life Floral Scene


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This unique gathering was created for a special, quiet space in your home where respite and tranquility abound and if not this offering will help accomplish just that! A 19th century “Save-all” candle holder was an ingenious idea created long ago as the pronged feature in the center accepted small candles (nubs) so their lifespan could be prolonged by burning the entire piece. The thriftiness of our ancestors is apparent in their way of life as history dictates time and time again therefore it is not surprising to find yet another proven example of this fact. As the old expression states, “Waste Not Want Not” that certainly has become a term we all can understand even today.

This candle holder is cleated at the bottom and fashioned from tin. Extreme surface wear has surmounted to a deep rust patina with vestiges of black paint that still remain on the drip pan edges, candle socket and bottom areas. A pronounced finger loop is present and the generous drip pan has possibilities of holding decorative botanicals for seasonal decorating such as wee pumpkins for autumn as well as greens and berries for the holidays. The candle holder is in good overall condition without any holes or rusted out areas to report.

I was able to find a beautiful floral still life painting that I reproduced. The edges were burned to convey an old look and I backed this with an extraordinary handmade seed paper lending soft buttermilk hues with dark seed specks sprinkled throughout. Harry fashioned the frame backing from old wood equipped with a baton construction feature. A wrapped piece of wire was used to hang this picture on the wall if you so choose or it can also be set inside a cupboard too.

A “Save~all” candle holder is scarcely found and most people don’t know what they are therefore I am excited to present this piece to you today! The picture can be placed nearby and lit by the “nub” candle (included) to add soft glow on a peaceful floral scene filled with color and detail that will magically create .

Candle holder stands about 2 ½” tall including the candle, measures 5” across the drip pan area and measures 6” across the bottom (including the candle ring). Picture measures 9” across (right to left) stands 7 ¾” tall and is 1” deep (front to back).

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