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Scottie Dog Shoe Button Eyes Well Behaved Cute


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This darling Scottie dog is looking for a loving home where he will be pampered and adored! He is very friendly and does not bark too much…only when he wants to protect you from potential harm! Good Boy! Mr. Scottie is waiting to make your acquaintance and has a lot of love to provide. Just look at that cute face!

He has been stuffed with excelsior and his coat is comprised of a soft plush wool. The facial features are all hand stitched sporting a blush pink hue. There is a knot located near his mouth on the right hand side as referenced in image 11. His ears have an inner felt backing lending a nutmeg brown tone. I added the old shoe button eyes as he did not have any when I found him, poor guy. His body is also hand stitched and Mr. Scottie proudly wears a mohair scarf to keep him warm.

He dates around the 1930 to 1940’s era and is in surprisingly good shape for a doggie this old. A piece of wire protrudes from his back left paw as shown in image 16 and there is also a tiny hole near the upper portion of his neck as referenced in image 15 exposing the excelsior stuffing. The underside of his body was fashioned with a nice quality felt material that is soft to the touch. There are no rips, offensive odors or stains to report.

Mr. Scottie is such a handsome boy and is ready to either be added to a basket filled with other small animals or can grace a shelf instantly lending adorable charm. He does get along well with most animals but not a skunk as he has heard horror stories from friends about their unfortunate encounters with one! Enjoy!

Precious Scottie stands 6 1/2" tall (front location to the top of his head), stands 4" tall (back location to the tip of his tail), measures 7 3/4" from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail and measures almost 2" across his back.

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