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Serving Bowl Petrus Maastrict Stick Spatter Peasant Ware


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What an exquisite bowl that sports a colorful floral pattern using a stick spatter / cut sponge technique. This bowl dates from the late 19th century and was produced in Holland by Petrous Regout & Co. The mark on the back indicates it is probably one of the earlier pieces and is considered Peasant Ware pottery. This company produced British type whitewares for European and overseas markets for most of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

The “stick spatter” technique was executed by way of a sponge to gain the result of a specific pattern applied to a piece of pottery. A small piece of sponge was cut in the desired shape, attached to a stick and then dipped into the color of preference. The stick served as more of a precise means of application, giving the decorator more control by creating designs with more border definition.

The bold leaves and tiny flower designs appear on the outside of this footed bowl, not on the inside which is commonly found. Half stars done in a “hit and miss” pattern surround the rim and sport a delicious barn red color that is a striking contrast against the white ground. All of the colors used in this gay arrangement remind me of springtime at it’s best!

The bowl does dictate gentle crazing from age and there are some areas of discoloration inside, as well as a tight hairline crack that does not go through to the front. See images 17 & 18. Image 19 reflects a small area near the inside rim that looks like a double crack. However it does have indications that this may have occurred during the firing process.

A couple tiny dark blue dots appear on the inside edge while a thin broken line can be seen just below the rim off to the left. There are a couple of very tiny chips on the rim though they are very hard to detect. Inconsistent areas appear on the outside of the bowl that resemble faint pencil marks but do not detract from the beauty of this piece as shown in images 9, 10, 11 & 14.

Overall this bowl shows very well and the condition is good. I can envision this piece in a cupboard filled with fresh fruit flanked by ironstone or what about placing it on a table rendering a great centerpiece with two candlesticks on either side. Your decorating options are vast rendering great results wherever this showy piece of Holland pottery ends up! Enjoy!

Bowl stands 4 ¾” tall, measures 9” across the top (right to left) and measures 4 ¾” across the footed base.

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