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Set of TWO Late 19th Century Brooms


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Please Note: **I am offering these brooms as a pair because number one the freight is much cheaper and number two because they insist on not being separated!**

Halloween would not be complete without a couple of witches brooms gracing the hearth and as luck will have it this offering includes an enchanting pair. These brooms do not take up much room because of the round form and can be tucked away in a special nook of your choosing.

The first broom sports a rustic branch handle and is string bound in triplicate at the top location. The middle section boasting red string acts as another reinforcement to keep the wispy part of the broom in place. The thick ends of the sorghum have been cut at an angle and join the concentric outline of the branch while the connected wispy ends start their journey about 6” down from the top.

There is a small break in the red thread as shown in images 9 & 10 but the other bound areas are complete. The broom has experienced some loss to the sorghum due to use as the ends do become brittle over time. Dark areas also appear on the bottom ends which is a natural occourance. The branch handle is intact and sports a piece of string at the top so this piece can be hung. It is a well-made broom and in good overall condition.

The other broom sports a woven wrapped top with a double band of thick thread reinforcements along with one decorative lone nail at the top as shown in image 12. Boasting an original forest green hue that is stronger inside certainly makes for a special piece. Some expected sorghum loss and recent glue repairs to secondary red thread (images 9 & 10) as well as to the top of the broom (images 6 & 7). This broom is still in overall good condition and is a perfect complement to its hearthside sister. It can also be hung by way of a piece of wire formed as a hook. These brooms look great with old Victorian “Witches Boots” placed nearby and don’t forget the pumpkins that add brilliant color to the scene! Enjoy!

Broom with branch handle measures 29 ¾” tall, handle measures about 1” thick and the bottom measures 4” across by 3” deep.

The second broom stands 27 ¼” tall, wooden handle is ¾” thick and the bottom measures 3” across.

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