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Shaker Bonnet Pretty Design


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This unique shaker bonnet sports a simplistic style along with a multicolored weave feature that is both interesting and pleasing. I consulted with a dealer who has vast knowledge regarding Shaker pieces and she was kind enough to share the following information. Thanks Pat! It is worth mentioning that this bonnet was not actually made by the Shaker’s but purchased from one of either two companies in the Massachusetts and Connecticut areas in the late 19th century. They were then sold in their community gift shops or could have also been worn by the Shakers as well.

Palm leaves may have been the choice material used to fashion this intricately woven piece. There is some fraying on the top edge as shown in image 10 along with a split in the weave located at the top portion of the bonnet as shown in images 7, 8, 9 & 11. A small separation in the weave can be found near the large band near the top as indicated in image 14. There is also material loss near the bottom edge that reveals a wire used in the frame construction as referenced in image 6. A small separation is present on the pleated back of the bonnet as shown in image 4 near the left hand side.

An inside label with the number “5” is completely intact and reflects the size of the bonnet (see image 11 & 12). The pattern portrays a multitude of squares lending a warm chocolate brown hue bordered by an opposing series of vertical lines sporting a light tan color as referenced in image 15. The banding inside just above the number appears to be hand stitched using white cotton thread also referenced in image 6 on the bottom edge area.

This bonnet has wonderful presence and would look beautiful displayed on it’s own or incorporated with a collection. If you happen to have other Shaker sewing related items this bonnet would look terrific set nearby presented on a hat stand. Enjoy!

Bonnet stands 7” in the very front location and gently graduates to 9” in the back area, measures 5” front to back at the top and graduates down to 6 ½” from the bottom edge to the back and measures 3” across the front opening (right to left).

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