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Shelf Pegged Constuction Neat


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Are you looking for a small hanging shelf to act as a display piece? If you are….. then this next offering may be what you are looking for. This highly unusual shelf possesses pegged construction features on each side. The two pegs wedged in the opening secures the shelf in place while allowing for an interesting construction detail.

There are also plenty of exciting scroll features located on the ends that add plenty of character to the overall look. This shelf dates from the 1920’s to 40’s era and the back gives us a clue regarding the original surface.

At some point someone decided to paint this piece a dark color along with incorporating stain. Unfortunately, when I purchased this shelf an area on the bottom right corner was broken that occurred due to not packaging this piece properly. To remedy this situation we did the necessary repairs that included doweling this piece to its counterpart so the stability would not be compromised and I also color matched the surface as shown in images 2 through 7.

There is a small crack in the square on the left hand side where the peg is located as shown in image 8. There are a few areas that exhibit wear with some paint loss along with some age related cracks on the back as shown but does not appear on the front. There are two holes located on the back of the shelf where it can be hung by two nails as shown in image16 .  This piece is still in very good condition and displays well.

Note: **The straight bar below the shelf can act as a hanger for various (thin) homespun fabrics you may want to add. Please note that you will need to hang these pieces on the bar before you nail the shelf to the wall otherwise there will not be enough room to insert them.

Shelves such as this one are a nice piece to have as they lend great display opportunities for all sorts of your collections. You can use this in your kitchen for your pantry boxes, mortar and pestles and even your tinware. A collection of cloth animals or wallpaper boxes would also be an option for your bedroom. Early lighting pieces such as lanterns and candlesticks can also be placed on the shelf while smaller Betty lamps, crusies and tin lamps can be hung off of the bar. You will certainly have fun deciding how you would like to decorate this nifty shelf in your beautiful home! Enjoy!

Shelf itself measures 12” tall, 22” across including the square extensions on both sides, measures19 ¾” across (right to left without the extensions) and is 6” deep. Shelf area measures 18” across and is 5 ½” deep.

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