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Shoo Fly Screen and Breadboard Gathering


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I just adore round breadboards topped with a shoo fly screen or two as they instantly create a great early look in our cozy kitchens or butteries. This next offering also includes a little surprise peeking out from under the screen.

This bread or cutting board sporting circular form has delicious and exciting warm patina. Chop marks are present and give us a clue that this board was used on a daily basis. There are areas of wear on the edges including three straight indentations as referenced in image 7 by the arrows. A convenient wire eye hook was added long ago so this piece could also be hung.

The back of the board near the center hole required as this was turned on a lathe shows a dark mark that resembles the number “5” and is a mystery as to why it is there. There are also several areas that resemble a “curly-Q” pattern sporting a faint, light green color on the back as marked with arrows as referenced in image 10.

This neat piece of treen has all the indications of wear sprinkled throughout including smooth round edges that support numerous nicks caused from use. One lone, tight hairline crack can also be seen on the bottom as shown in image 8. A single circular groove is located near the edge and may have accompanied a cover which would recess nicely into this area. Presently, an authentic and old shoo fly screen will suffice.

The shoo fly screen was used to prevent insects or critters from eating the tasty morsels of food housed inside. It is in very good condition without any breaks or holes in the screen to report. This cover is a little out of round near the top but the overall appearance is still good. The wooden knob and nut housed underneath are original. A wide metal band located at the bottom does have areas of light rust but does not detract from this special piece.

Now for the surprise! I added three pieces of garlic tied with wool around the stem and also included a double egg shell that has been dyed with coffee and spices. Prairie grass along with two speckled eggs grace the inside shell and lend color, texture and interest to the overall look.

You can set this out immediately in your lovely home as the subtle accents seem to create whispers of an early spring……. which by the way, we are all are in anticipation of with bated breath! Enjoy!

Breadboard measures 9 ¼” across (right to left) and stands ¾” tall. Shoo Fly measures 8 ¼” across the bottom opening, measures 5” across the top and stands almost 5” tall.

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