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Spice Box Desirable Oxblood Red Paint


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This interesting spice box that dates to around the turn of the century to 1930’s has great form and the color is very special. It was repainted at one time as there are several other previous colors showing through as indicated by the wear on the drawer knobs. One longer drawer takes up residence at the bottom instead of the two over four small box configuration that is more commonly found. All of the drawer knobs are pegged into the back of the face which eliminated the use of nails or screws.

There are metal markers placed above each knob with labels describing the individual spices that were housed inside. These labels were missing so I reproduced them on paper, matched the size and inserted them to create a finished look. Each individual spice box possesses a small mortised configuration where the (tongue accepts the groove) on all four corners. The box itself shows further ingenuity by accommodating a long, front to back notch on the inside (opposing side wall areas) of the box to accept each shelf as referenced in images 31 & 32.

A couple of the drawers, one labeled “Thyme” and the other (bottom drawer) “Nutmeg” does stick out a little further compared to the others. The back of the box has experienced some faint white paint residue as well as various tiny holes located at the top which may have accommodated nails hence the dark color. There is also slight separation on each side wall as the back did not fulfill its destiny by completely touching these areas.

Overall condition is very good without any chips to report. However there is a small crack just above the hole used for hanging this piece. This spice box is strong, durable and well built. If space is at a premium, don’t worry as this spice box is of the smaller variety and will not take up much room. There is a convenient hanging hole located at the top or this box can also be set out on a table or kitchen counter. Display opportunities await as small items can be placed on the top shelf. Enjoy!

Spice box stands 10 3.4” @ the tallest point (middle), Measures 8” across the front and back and is 2 ¾” deep. Drawer allowance for contents measures 3” across, measures 2” front to back and is almost 2” tall.

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