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Spoon Rack Shelf with Ten old Spoons


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Glorious spoon shelf / rack offered with all of the old spoons (as pictured) will grace any wall in your kitchen lending a great country look! The spoon rack having a scalloped crest is an antique inspired piece with mottled paint decoration focusing on mustard, charcoal and black color hues.

There are two holes on the back of the shelf so this piece can be hung with ease. It accommodates ten spoons that have a graduated look as the larger spoons are placed in the back while the smaller spoons are positioned in the front. Some of the spoons are not perfect and show either burn marks on the handle, chips on the edge of the bowls along with one having a crack also on the edge of the bowl.

The patina also seems to vary as some of the spoons have a lighter appearance while the others have delicious warm patina. Two of the spoons have a turned edge on the handle while one lone spoon has a hole for hanging. The three smaller carved spoons are not commonly found and possess deep bowls. One of the larger spoons is marked “Kellogg’s” on the handle (image 28) and was packaged inside cereal as an advertising campaign.

This spoon rack is in very good condition and shows extremely well. There are some scratches on the back panel but are not noticeable when hung. The entire piece is painted which is usually not the case with antique rendition pieces. This wonderful gathering gives the receiver an instant spoon collection that may otherwise take a while to obtain. Enjoy!

Spoon Rack measures 13 ¼” across (right to left), measures 3 ½” tall @ the tallest point (middle) and is 3 ¾” deep (front to back). Spoons vary in size; Tallest spoon measures 14 ¾” tall, two measure in @ 13” long, next size is 12 ½” tall (Kellogg’s spoon), spoon with burned handle is 11 ¼” tall, turned handled spoon measures in at 10” tall, second spoon with turned handle is 9 ¼” tall, small spoon with hanging hole measures 7 ¼” tall, large bowl spoon measures in @ 5 ¼” tall and the baby stands 5” tall.

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