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Steiff Lamb Identification Marks Sweet


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This German Steiff lamb is just as precious as she can be and still retains her button ear tag as well as her paper label and bell. Her mouth has been hand stitched with crimson red thread and she has loyal, emerald green eyes that seem to follow you wherever you go.

The gentle air brushed accents on her hoofs and eyes are a distinct feature Steiff is known for. Her soft mohair body and felt ear features expresses her cuddly nature in a big way……and don’t get me started on her adorable expressive face that just can’t be overlooked!

The hind legs are not spread as far apart as the front legs but she can still stand quite nicely on her own, thank you very much! Her legs were designed to have a slight bend which again adds character and is a great feature. Leave it to Steiff to create important details in their amazing animals that we all seem to gravitate toward.

I cannot make out the complete number on the tag except for the last three which are 0.04. Lamby dates to around 1950 to 1960 judging by the ear tag. The very tip of her left ear is missing and the tip of her right ear has a very faint and pale red spot. The original color of her collar was a soft blue but has now faded to a light tan. The only word that is legible on the paper label is “Steiff” as the rest has faded into oblivion. She is still in very good condition without any holes or rips to report and her little bell even jingles!

Mohair animals are just precious and not only bless us with their darling faces but make us happy too! They look wonderful displayed on a shelf and as soon as you introduce a new member to the rest of your herd they all seem to have a party! Enjoy your party!!

Miss Lamp stands 4” tall, measures almost 4” from her nose to the bottom end of her tail and measures almost an inch across her back.

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