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Stenciled Flour Sugar Coffee Old Tin Canisters Oyster Paint


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I was extremely lucky to find a nice set of flour, sugar and coffee canisters that I am excited to present to you! These pieces have strong, stenciled block letters sporting a combination of nutmeg with subtle highlights of a mustard gold hue that render a beautiful look against a fabulous painted oyster ground!

The coffee canister is the smallest of the two and holds a rightful place on the very top! The age related surface has areas of paint loss with a gentle spattering of deep colored rust areas sprinkled randomly throughout. There is a small indentation on the right hand side located near the bottom but does not detract from the overall look as shown in images 3 & 4. The condition is very good and the inside is free of any rust areas.

The sugar canister (middle size), has a bit of a different look than the other two tins. The letters sport more of a mustard gold color and the surface is a bit darker (more of a nutmeg hue). There are some larger areas located on the back that render a tan color against the oyster paint. The inside of this piece seems to have more rust compared to the other two tins. There are no dents to report.

The largest tin marked “Flour” is quite special as it boasts two handles on either side. However one of the handles is missing on the right hand side as referenced in image 26. There are two indentations……… one just below the letter “L” and the other is located on the left hand side, below the handle and near the bottom as shown in images 24, 25 & 30. The cover does have various areas of paint loss exposing the raw tin, so to speak that creates a reflective and somewhat shiny appearance……believe it or not, my fussy camera was not able to pick up this feature as shown in image 31. There is also a very small indentation on the top edge of the lid as well.

This wonderful trio would grace any cozy corner of your kitchen or dining room rendering great results! Another decorating idea is to place the tins on a table, counter or tall shelf as they possess graduated qualities that add interest. It is very hard to find these canisters in a matching set as they redoubtably got separated though the years. These tins would also make great storage containers too but I would not use them to store any food products in. The color is neutral and will fit into any color scheme! Enjoy!

Flour tin stands 9 ½” tall and measures 10” across the top and bottom. Sugar tin stands 7 ½” tall and measures 7 ½” across the top and bottom. Coffee tin stands 6” tall and measures almost 6” across the top and bottom.

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