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Stone House Winter Watercolor Print Grain Painted Frame Delightful


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Northeastern Pennsylvania has the most dreamy old stone houses one can ever imagine so when I saw this wonderful watercolor print I just had to purchase it! This contemporary piece of art is signed by the artist Judith Dixon and she entitled it, “Stone House on A Winter Afternoon”. If you don’t live in Pennsylvania you may want to consider this special painting for your home as the cottage captures great architectural flavor laced with plenty of detail set amongst a country setting.

The 2 story stone cottage flanked by barren snow covered trees set against a blustery sky creates a peaceful setting. Crisp, white snow has just fallen but the cottage is warm and cozy inside. Soup awaits the couple that live there and has been simmering on the open hearth since morning. A cat is asleep on his favorite chair while the dog takes a nap near the warm fireplace and will certainly take notice of the delicious aroma coming from the open hearth.

This bucolic painting is printed on acid free watercolor paper. The image is also printed on “Vivera” high quality ink and has a soothing matte finish. This soft and pleasing work of art has been incorporated on textured watercolor paper and lends the appearance of an original rather than a print.

I sent this out to a talented folk artist so she could implement the antique grain painting technique on the frame and the results are masterful! The mustard and soft nutmeg colors used are a match made in heaven and render charming results. Glass was also added to preserve the print.

This interesting piece of art can be displayed where it will hold high regard in your home and appreciated often as it has all the elements that make you feel good every time you pass by! Enjoy!

Painting measures 15 ½” across (right to left), 12 ½” tall and is 3/4” thick.

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