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Stoneware Crock Heart N Hand Cookie Cutter Shaker Style Brush Gathering


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This next exciting gathering has some great pieces included that can either stay together (housed inside) crock or they can be displayed separately. You will receive a collection of seven interesting items and if priced separately would well exceed the cost of what I am asking. Judy and I always try to buy antiques at a reasonable cost so we can pass the savings along to you.

My inspiration this time came from a stoneware pipe that I found locally. Harry fashioned a bottom for this piece from wood and I painted it a rich chocolate brown color. Wha ~ La…a crock was born!!! This unglazed piece of stoneware has unique areas of Carmel tan sprinkled throughout in an irregular pattern that looks great against a buttermilk ground. The crock sports a pronounced rim lip and has an incised "6x8" mark on the front. There are no chips or cracks to report as this piece of stoneware is in great condition! I filled the inside with soft paper to gain height and laid a piece of brown and ecru homespun over the top as shown in image 2.

The wonderful contemporary Heart N Hand large cookie cutter is just a delight and makes a real statement when placed in the crock. The tin sports a dark surface and the outside edges have been folded over. The heart and hand was attached to the tin back by using solder. It does have a couple areas with some very light surface rust but other than that this lovely cookie cutter is in very good condition.

I added the Shaker style broom because of the texture and interest it really lends to this gathering. There are some numbers that appear on the handle near the top as referenced in image 11 but I am not able to see them clearly. The brush was fashioned from horsehair and the wooden turned handle sports luscious patina. There are a few cracks in the wood near the base where the horsehair resides but do not venture out any further as shown in image 10.

One lone "Scottish Hand" with a ribbed attribute lays over the top of the crock. This piece has fantastic patina as well and there are two small hanging holes located at the top and bottom. An old square shape can be seen on the back of the paddle that may be the culprit of not removing a label long ago (see image 12).

A late 19th century large crimped edged, circular cookie cutter with a strap handle graces this crock with bold style. Solder marks are present on the back where the handle is located and also on several areas of the crimped sides as shown in images 19, 20, 21 & 22. There is minimal surface rust located on the sides in a couple small areas. These larger cutters are hard to find. The condition is great!

A 1920's spatula boasting a black wooden handle was tucked inside the crock resting near the wooden spoon. There is surface rust present on the spatula end where the holes are located on both the front and back areas as shown in images 26 & 27. This piece is in very good condition!

The "Bohacks Quality Stores" Salt bag was a wonderful find! The trademark for this company was registered around January 1, 1920. This company provided well over 200 goods and offered services as well. Bohacks sold canned food products such as fancy tomatoes, succotash, shoe string beets, crabapples, quince and current jellies, canned fruit, dry goods and condiments, etc. Image 18 shows one of the old Bohacks stores located in New Jersey that is very interesting. The Bohacks bag reads: "All Purpose Salt", Distributed by H C Bohack Co Inc, Brooklyn & Long Island, N.Y". The condition of this bag is fair as there are age related stains along with some small holes throughout. The graphics have faded through the years but it did survive!!!

The last item included in this gathering is a long handled wooden spoon. There are several tiny chips present at the bottom edge of the bowl but are not visible from the back. Nice, warm patina is a neat attribute!

This unique gathering will make a showy statement placed on the kitchen counter, in your pantry or even on a table. Enjoy!

The crock stands 8 1/2" tall, measures 8 1/4' across the top to rim lip edge and measures 7" across the bottom. Heart N Hand cutter measures 5 3/4" tall, 5 1/4" across (right to left) and is 1/2" deep. Shaker style brush measures 8 1/2" tall (tip of wooden handle to end of horsehair and measures 2" across the wooden base (widest point). Lone Butter Paddle measures almost 8" tall, measures 1/2" across (right to left) and is about 1/8" thick. Large crimped cutter stands almost 2" tall (including the handle) and measures 3 1/4" across (right to left). Bohacks salt Bag measures 11 1/4" tall and measures 5 1/2" across. Spatula stands 14 3/4" tall (top of handle to bottom of metal spatula), handle measures 3/4" and spatula itself measures 3 1/2" across (right to left). Wooden spoon stands 15 3/4" tall, bowl measures almost 2" across (right to left) and is 1/4" thick.

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