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Stoneware Crock with Cheesecloth Cover and Hanging Candle


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The two toned color of this crock is just perfect for autumn decorating and beyond sporting a gentle sorrel hue on the body accented with a scattered dark dot design. The cheesecloth cover and hanging candle are also included in this gathering and really compliment the overall look adding interest sprinkled with charm.

This contemporary crock is highlighted with a deep nutmeg hue located at the top with dark dots present. Three raised banded pinstripes are an interesting design element located near the top as shown in images 5, 6 & 7. The form of this crock is desirable as the shoulder area has a contoured shape that falls to form a straight body. There is also an extended round rim lip that encompasses the outside circumference of this beautiful piece of stoneware. Several glaze “pops” do appear on the back of the crock as shown in image 5 that reveal light areas and was the culprit during the firing process. There are a couple raised circular areas near the top of the crock (ledge) that could denote a bumpy appearance. Image 10 reflects the natural color of the clay (indicating minimal wear on the bottom), that was not glazed and exhibits some of the runover color in the form of a crescent shape located at the top edge. There are no cracks or chips to report.

The bottom of the candle was wrapped in cheesecloth and hangs lazily over the front by way of the string and is for decorative purposes only. The generous amount of aged cheesecloth used as a cover gently drapes over the front, back and sides of the crock lending a soft and interesting appearance. This piece of stoneware can be placed near other crock collections or can be a stand-alone that will grace any cupboard, bench or table lending exciting primitive results! You can never have too many pieces of stoneware as they can transition easily in every room of your home! Enjoy!

Stoneware crock stands 7” tall, measures 3 ¼” across the top opening, measures 5 ½” across the shoulder area and measures 4 ¾” across the bottom. Candle stands 2 ½” tall and is ¾” thick.

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