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Taufschein/Fraktur 19th Century Pennsylvania Dutch


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A taufschein is most often a formal record of an infant's birth and baptism used by Pennsylvania Dutch and other German Americans. The word fraktur refers to a type of German lettering or typeface used from the 15th Century until World War II. This decorative lettering is often compared to our Old English Gothic. Most taufschein were produced from the post Revolutionary War period until 1920, although earlier examples are known.

Taufscheins may be hand-drawn and lettered in their entirety; or, as many were, pre-printed, then after purchase filled in with the pertinent names and dates, and hand-colored. This one is of the latter type and was printed in Reading, Pennsylvania, filled in after the child's birth and baptism, and hand colored.

It records the birth of a baby on November 11, 1866 and baptism on January 6, 1867. The text in the center is surrounded by images of angels, birds, a cherub, and the bible. The colors are in shades of browns, blues, green, and mustard and are still quite strong and are actually a bit deeper than our pictures show. Condition is very good. Frame is new, but appropriate.

Size including frame is about 17 1/8" x 29 1/8". Sight size is about 12 1/8" x 15 1/8".

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