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Three festive Artist Bears Snuggled in Holiday Basket


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Ready for adoption……..This family of three bears are just as cute as can be and were handmade by a skilled artist. Their features are a little “offbeat” and certainly do reflect their individual personalities that are “Oh so Sweet”! You will receive the trio of bears along with the basket filled with holiday cheer as pictured.

Each bear was fashioned from a high quality felt material and then hand stitched together. Papa and baby bear do have a little stuffing poking through their ear that was done intentionally by the artist to lend a somewhat “tattered and torn” appearance. The mother has one button eye while the father and baby’s eyes have been hand stitched. Even though the baby is a different color he actually inherited genes from his great grandfather who was an even tempered brown bear…..Neat!

These bears also have hand stitched paws as well as other accent stitching that appears differently on each bear. I added the yarn and homespun around their necks along with greens so they would be dressed for the holidays when they make your acquaintance.

This vintage basket sports a “God’s Eye” feature located on the both sides. It is in very good condition as all the weavers are accounted for and there no breaks to report. The wooden handle is wrapped lending another design feature to the basket while the mellow nutmeg hue surface makes for an attractive piece.

Faux greens and contemporary red Christmas ornaments were placed inside and act as festive accents while capturing the holiday spirit. Perfect to tuck under a small tree surrounded by fashionable old toys.  These adorable and sweet bears will certainly make you smile every time you pass by as they are happy to have a wonderful home to reside in this holiday season and beyond!  Enjoy!

Overall height of basket with bears stands 7 ½” tall, basket itself is 6 ½” tall (including the handle), measures 3 ¾” (basket only), measures 6 ½” across (right to left) and measures 6” deep (front to back). Largest bear is 6” tall to the tip of his ear, measures 4 ¾’ across @ the widest point (paw to paw) and is ½” thick. Medium bear stands 5” tall to the tip of her ear, measures 3 ¾” across @ the widest point (paw to paw) and is also ½” thick. Baby Bear stands 4” tall to the tip of his ear, measures 3” across @ the widest point (paw to paw) and is ¼” thick.

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