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Tin Candle Sconce Raised Decoration 18th Century


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Early lighting pieces such as this one are just a pleasure to own as they can grace a wall in style while immediately adding a period look in our homes. This decorated candle sconce boasting a triple ribbed design element on each side lends interest and character to the overall look. A cleated feature located at the bottom indicates the age of an 18th century to early 19th century piece.

The condition is very good with minimal wear. There is a small area just above the candle flame that shows vestiges of affected wear possibly the culprit of the candle flame. A few tiny white paint specs are scattered randomly throughout but do not detract from the overall appearance.

Sconces such as this one look wonderful hung to the left of hanging wall cupboards or can also be placed on a skinny wall that will create early charm to your lovely homestead without delay! Enjoy!

Candle sconce stands 13 ½” tall, measures 4” across and is 2 ½” deep (candle holder area).

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