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Tin Coffee Grinder Mill with Drawer for your Pantry


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This unusual coffee grinder that sports a tin body is a refreshing change from the wooden grinders we commonly see. The smaller size is also a real plus as this coffee mill won't take up much room as space is always at a premium these days, especially at my house! :)

The grinder is in very good condition without any dents to report and even has the little drawer below that once held the ground coffee. The fantastic surface wear on the tin is "Primitively Perfect" boasting hues of nutmeg and chocolate browns with interesting color variations throughout this piece. The overall look is dark and drab just as we like it! The cover for the hopper moves freely and can be opened by moving the extended small round tab forward. The inside was fashioned from wood and has a conical shape.

The wooden handle at the top is joined to the metal rod at a 90 degree offset. There is a hole at the top of the wooden knob with a small rivet that secures it to the rod. There are a couple of places on the raised metal cover that are shiny possibly from careless drips of a form of epoxy however they are just limited to this area only.

I added a little fabric label that I hand ~ stitched up on old wool sporting the word "Coffee" in black thread. This label is not permanent and can easily be removed if you choose to do so.

The drawer front is tin however the rest of the drawer, sides, and bottom are made of wood. There is a small crack on the bottom as can be seen in image 17 up near the top. The tin was extended over each side of the wooden drawer held in place by tiny nails for a finished and neat look.

There is appropriate nail bleed on the side of this drawer as can be seen in images 11,12 & 14. The inside of the drawer has a couple little dark spots, one near the front where the tin is and another near the left side, in the back. The dark wooden knob is just as cute as a button and adds so much character to the drawer!

This coffee grinder also comes with some wonderful coffee beans that you can add to the drawer. They smell just great and a special thanks to "Bristol Farms", my favorite store for gifting these to me for my photo shoot! This store is absolutely fabulous and carries the most wonderful meats, desserts, produce, fresh flowers and more!

This coffee grinder is really a special piece and would compliment your other pantry mainstays quite nicely! It can still be used and what a wonderful way to start your morning with fresh brewed coffee that will make your farmhouse kitchen smell heavenly! Enjoy!

The overall height of this grinder is 9 1/4" (including the wooden knob and handle), 6 3/4" without, 6" across the front @ the widest top point, (4 3/4" body measurement), 6" Deep @ the widest top point, (5" body measurement), 5 1/2" across the bottom.

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