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Tin Jelly Mold Corn Pattern


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Molds such as this one were used to form food and may not have been meant for baking. They were used to actually "set ~ up" and hold the fancy shape of jellies when turned out and served. Molded foods are usually "set pieces" and were often "a brilliantly executed work characterized by a formal pattern".

This exciting Jelly Mold did just that and offered a wonderful presentation at the table. These molds were lined with fish jelly as this helped aid in the removal of the contents. Jellies could either be sweet based using fruits or a savory aspic, (term used for a meat or fish flavored jellied dish).

This stamped mold has a simple corn design that is a perfect fit for Autumn decorating as it reminds us of bringing in the harvest. This 20th century mold sports a dark charcoal grey color that blends in nicely with primitive decorating! Interesting raised design on the outside that resembles tall arrows. This piece is lightweight and is in very good condition with minimal surface wear.

There are two holes at the top for hanging, one small and the other is a little larger that accommodate a thin wire hanger. This mold may still be used today and the outcome would certainly dress a stoneware dish in style, deliciously for a Thanksgiving holiday table that nobody will forget. What a wonderful addition to your tinware mold collection that can also proudly grace a wall after the holiday meal is over! Enjoy!

The mold measures 6" across the widest point, 4 1/2" Deep & is about 2 1/2" Tall.

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