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Tin Pail Red Paint Miniature Teddy Bear Festive Gathering


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Darling small tin pail in red paint along with a miniature teddy bear, greens, ornaments and a vintage bottle brush tree sporting a red flower pot base, (all included) would make a beautiful presentation tucked in a cupboard or can even be used on the tree as an ornament.

Pail dates from the last quarter of the 19th to the early 20th century and boasts cheerful crimson red paint. At one point the front was stenciled with letters but only whispers remain. Condition is very good without any dents to report.

The pail is filled with roving wool to gain height for the contents housed inside. A vintage bottle brush tree, contemporary ornaments that have an old look along with tiny greens, some frosted and of course a teddy bear named Windslow certainly add holiday enchantment to the inside of the pail.

Partially articulated (head is not poseable) miniature bear was fashioned from plush material and exhibits glass eyes. He is vintage and shows a hand stitched nose and mouth. Tiny areas of the plush material are non-existent near his nose and was probably made this way.

He is wearing a red bow in celebration of the holidays and is just as cute as can be. Soft stuffed with unknow material Windslow does show an area where the stuffing is showing through on the front left paw. His fur is a light chocolate brown color and he is in good overall condition.

Perfect little accent for the holidays that can easily be incorporated with your existing child’s collection or Windslow can even keep you company set on your kitchen window sill while you bake you fabulous cookies! Enjoy!

Overall height (including bear inside pail) measures 5 ¾” tall, pail by itself stands 3 ½” tall (excluding the handle), measures 4 ½” across the top and measures 3 ½” across the bottom. Miniature bear measures 4” tall in a sitting position, measures 5 ¾” from head to paws, measures 2 ¾” across his arms which is the widest point. Tree stands 2 ¾” tall and measures ½” across the bottom base.

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