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Unusual Antique Crock with Decorated Feather Tree


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It certainly is cold and windy here in Pennsylvania this morning and with this winter chill in mind I am off to the studio to create ornaments for this special Christmas gathering. The theme is kitchen related and I recently purchased a fantastic crock that will be used for the base.

I have never seen a stoneware piece like this one and quite frankly was very tempted to keep it but alas my common sense got the best of me as I am running out of room! Interesting black circles (referenced in images 6 & 9) grace the outside of this canning crock randomly sprinkled hither and yon sure do make for a showy piece indeed! I have a sneaky suspicion that the under glaze used was a black licorice color! Neat! This fine shoulder crock has the best surface sporting a magnificent orange peel finish and the rich tan colored highlights just don't get any better! The shape is very pleasing with a pronounced deep rim that gently curves outward. Inside a rich chocolate brown color is consistent and encourages me to grab a cup of hot cocoa! This crock originally had a lid however it was missing when I purchased it.

There are a couple of areas near the bottom edge that have two visible chips (as shown in images 10 & 11) but this does not compromise the integrity of this unique piece. There is also a very tiny chip (fleabite) on the very edge of the outer rim located at the top. The crock does not have any cracks and there are no other chips to report either. This utilitarian piece of stoneware has signs of surface age as it was used on a daily basis. Image 14 shows the wear on the bottom with a select area that shows a rust hue. The overall condition is still very good and this piece does show extremely well!

Back in the craft room…. I have completed the ornaments for the antique inspired feather tree. Black walnuts gathered from our trees here on the farm were used (see image 2) and when split apart they reveal a beautiful heart shape! I attached homespun hangers so they can be hung. Pine cones were also made into ornaments using acorn tops. A heart pod accented with a candy cane and faux greens grace the top of the berry tipped tree that was traditionally hand wrapped.

When the holidays are over this crock can still be set out and appropriately displayed either in your "Buttery" or pantry for an authentic look! This primitive kitchen mainstay will serve you well and make your homestead happy too! Enjoy!

The crock stands 8 1/4" tall, measures 4" across the top and 4 3/4" across the bottom. The tree stands 21 1/2" tall, measures almost 10" across (right to left) @ the widest point near the bottom and the bottom of the base measures 2 1/4" across (right to left). The walnuts alone vary in size but are approximately 1 1/4" Tall and measure 1 1/4" across (right to left)…does not include hanger measurements. Pine Cone ornaments also vary in size but are overall 1 1/4" tall by 1/2" across (right to left)… not including the string measurement.

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