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Unusual Antique Lidded Raffia Basket with Indian Flavor


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This unique coiled basket has plenty of intrigue to keep one guessing but the good news is this piece is not only aesthetically pleasing but has beautiful design elements that are quite impressive. I sent pictures to a dealer who specializes in native American baskets because I thought this is what it was and her response was there are no Indian roots present in this piece. She felt it may have been fashioned by ladies in a church group as an activity back in the day and is called a “raffia basket”. What I can tell you is I acquired this basket in a “lot” with other rye baskets that were found here in Pennsylvania and are of Pennsylvania origin.

This basket is in good overall condition. The coiled design is tightly woven and presents itself as expertly done. Beginner’s luck in the church group…….maybe? The lid boasts a soft red color with mellow rust accents incorporated in the piled vertical design. The cylindrical feature on the top of the lid where the vertical handle appears is offset by two different weaving patterns that create a terrific design element! The stronger color can be seen in images 9 & 10 located on the underside of the lid. Image 7 reflects a smidgen of unraveling on the outermost edge while image 6 shows small area of loss which is consistent with age.

The patina on this basket is a wonderful attribute as the color variations lend interest. The pattern on the sides matches the lid and the same colors were used as shown in image 15. The basket presents two different sloped areas starting at the top and at midway point gently graduate down to the bottom which creates dimension and great form. Three coils near the modest footed bottom area have a mellow rust hue that adds color and beauty.

There are areas of loss dedicated to the top inside edge of the basket, at random reflecting a “hit and miss” pattern as shown in images 11 & 12. However this is on the inside so it will not hurt the overall appearance. There are a couple areas on the side of the basket as well as the bottom that are darker in appearance as referenced in image 20 due to age related wear. There is also a dark area on the inside as shown in image 14.

This piece is sturdy and can hold many items of your choice such as bathroom necessities like Q-Tips, cotton balls, or make-up. You can also use this to store seeds in for planting come spring or what about a catch all for jewelry set out on the night stand. This piece would also make a nice addition to your basket collections laid on a side table with old books and an early candlestick nearby. Just a beautiful handcrafted piece that is certain to get attention wherever it is placed! Enjoy!

Basket stands 3 ½” tall, measures 9 ½” across the top and bottom (right to left), opening measures 7 ¼”, footed bottom measures 7” across (right to left).

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