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Unusual Hand Carved Bowl with Handles and Spoon


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Gather the eggs, butter, flour and sugar and let’s get to baking!!! This bowl has unusual form lending two flat handles on opposing sides not to mention the squatty tall size and hand carved feature that makes for a beautiful appearance! The companion spoon adds appropriate character when placed in this bowl and lends ambiance to a scrub top table with a piece of early homespun set nearby. Add a breadboard and you have the perfect setting for a farmhouse kitchen that is always busy with mealtime preparations!

The patina that radiates from this “out of round” utilitarian bowl is warm and original. Dark and light areas are present in the wood which are appealing features that symbolize character and age. The edges are worn smooth from this piece being worked on a daily basis throughout the years and I am sure the flat ended handles were a delight as this bowl could be carried with ease. The inside of the bowl near the bottom shows a dry attic symmetrical appearance that is yet another “right as rain” feature!

One of the handles on the right hand side displays a tiny knot that has darkened though the years and does show through on the opposite side. The flat bottom area on the underside exhibits a dark appearance that may have been the culprit of coming into contact with the surface the bowl was placed upon. There are scratches inside which could be the result of chop marks. A hairline, tight crack can be found on the inside bottom portion of the bowl but does not penetrate through to the underside because this piece of treen is very thick and has good weight.

The bowl is in very good condition, was made to last and possesses excellent form! A long handled spoon was added as every naked bowl needs one! The bowl of the spoon does have several tight hairline cracks and the tip has a dark appearance on both sides. The entire spoon is smooth from age related use and the bowl exhibits nice grain.

I can’t help but wonder how many wonderful baked goods this bowl helped to render for each and every family meal served at a farmhouse table especially on a cold winters eve. I wish recipes could have been included with each bowl we happen to find and are excited about adding to our collections………and if only this piece could speak! Enjoy!

Bowl stands 3 ¾” in the front and back but measures almost 4” from the handle on the right and a little over 3 ½’ from the handle on the left. Bowl measures 10 ½” across (end of right handle to end of left handle), measures 8” front to back and measures 4’ on the bottom (flat area). Spoon stands 11 ¾” tall, bowl measures 2 ½” horizontal position and measures 1 ½” across.

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