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Unusual Old Glory Tatting Flag Hand Executed Framed Beautiful


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We are honored to present this unique American flag that is actually a work of art as this creation is the interpretation of the very talented artist. Fresh, fabulous and different this piece speaks to you loudly but then again has a soft and subtle look. The colors consisting of light tan, ecru and deep cornflower blue seem to resonate within by touching our primitive color palette but alas the traditional red color has been omitted by choice. “Old Glory” is framed under glass and the condition is fine!

I am puzzled as far as how the circular, fluffy balls were fashioned but may be comprised of a combination of cotton and silk thread. The field of the flag sporting alternating rows (stripes) exhibit a light tan followed by warm ecru hues that certainly adds interest as well as lending complimentary color values to the overall look. The canton (upper left portion) of the flag boasting strong cornflower blue circles dotted in the center with a creamy buttermilk white focal point lends exciting detail.

What is so interesting about this flag is there are 48 points of reference regarding the simulated stars (in this case circles) that represent 2 new states (Arizona and New Mexico) that were added in the year of 1912 correctly arranged in 6 rows of 8 simulated stars. The thirteen (field) stripes reflect the original thirteen colonies. This particular 48 state flag was flown from July 4th 1912 to July 3rd, 1949. Does this give us a clue as to the age of this item? I cannot be certain but this is my best guess and feel this flag is not a contemporary piece.

A very intricate style of tatting needlework was executed with skill and precision that borders the flag. This drawn work depicts a folk art interpretation of a pinwheel pattern tied and knotted in the center. However if you look even closer each smaller block indicates an “X” design bordered by a square that continues to form a row. The flag itself seems to be laid on top of this tatting work which adds exciting dimension while giving “Old Glory” the attention she deserves! The end of the needlework terminates in a knot creating a fringed edge that borders the frame.

A small tack was used to possibly keep some of the work in place but only one remains intact as shown in image 11 (third row toward the top and near the center). Two other tacks are loose under the glass and free fall when held in a vertical position. We did not try to remove the cardboard backing that is held together with nails to retrieve these tacks because the outcome may not be favorable. However, the tacks do sink to the bottom and cannot be seen when in this vertical position. Image 9 also reflects a small, dark spot under the middle circle (last row). The rest of the textile is free of any other spots! There is also an area located at the top right corner where the fringe decided to cascade in a downward position as shown in image 8. Overall the condition is very good without any loss or fading to report.

The wooden frame has a beautiful mellow and warm appearance that sets off and lends importance to the flag. There are a couple dark areas located on the left hand side of the frame as shown in images 5 & 6, near the upper mitered corner and in the middle section. Some of the wood in the upper right hand corner does not have the same patina as the rest of the piece possibly from accidental contact rubbing or scuffing with another object as referenced in image 8. The rest of the frame has minor age related wear. Overall the condition is very good without any cracks or large chips to report.

The back of the frame relays a hint of how this textile was secured to the carboard backing by way of executing long stitches. Flat head nails were used to secure the backing to the frame and a twisted piece of wire acts as the hanger. The board does show signs of age and has some discoloration throughout especially on the right hand side but the good news is this has not affected the textile. Two of the nails are missing and there are a couple small holes in the cardboard a shown in images 12 & 16. The glass is in great condition!

This flag would definitely make a statement on any wall of your choosing and can certainly be displayed year round! This one of a kind piece is very special and will add historic charm to your lovely home instantly! Long may she wave!!

Flag measures 17 ¾” across (right to left), stands 11 ¾” tall and is ¾” deep.

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