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Victorian Button Up Baby Shoe Decorated Tree


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This lonely shoe lost it’s mate so I decided to add a festive Christmas tree for company and her “sole” is now happy! Why couldn’t things always be this easy!!?? The shoe will need a little help to find the right balance to keep it in the upright position but once this is accomplished she will hold steady and sit up straight.

The shoe was stuffed with brown tissue paper to aid in holding its shape and the tree branch was inserted inside the opening. A hand painted cinnamon stick Santa takes center stage while fresh, dried rosehips and pinecones accent the tree lending a natural look. They are not glued in place and can easily be removed and stored away to be enjoyed for the next year’s holiday season.

The late 19th century shoe is in overall good condition and all the buttons are accounted for. The eggshell white buttons and thread that comprise the stitching on this shoe enhance the look by adding detail against a black ground. There are areas of surface wear as referenced in the images showing places that are lighter in color. All of the stitching has not been disturbed and there are no holes or rips to report.

Harry made a weight to keep the shoe in place when in the upright position as the tree housed inside was throwing the balance of the shoe off. It did help but as noted above you may have to position the tree at first and then it promises to behave.

This unique tree sporting a shoe base is a delightful accent for holiday decorating as it can be incorporated with other child collections such as old toys, clothing or even mohair animals set on top of your blanket chest in the bedroom. If you happen to own a cart you can certainly add this inside with small presents wrapped in homespun that would be a fun and festive decorating accent. I just can’t believe that our feet were once this small! Enjoy!

Overall height is 7 ½” tall (including the tree), tree by itself stands 5” tall, shoe measures 4 ½” (toe to heel), measures almost 2” across the front (right to left) and measures 1” across the back (heel area).

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