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Victorian Button Up Baby Shoes and Old Modern Spelling Book with Bucolic Cover


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This next offering is just as precious as can be and reminds us of a sweet Child's past. Both, the shoes and the book are included and promise to bring naive charm lending a touch of whimsy to your home!

I chose these late 19th century Victorian baby shoes because of the same color similarities that are on the books cover. These little shoes are two ~ toned sporting a midnight black and buttermilk color that has darkened to perfection with age. The soft supple leather on the upper portion of both shoes does have "character creases" that equal a keen primitive look. The right shoe, as shown in image 11 has some lighter areas on the leather surface whereas the left shoe does not. The black portion of the shoe has some scuff marks on the toe area and near the heels but overall seems to have held up very well through the years.

The top button is missing on both of these shoes and in regards to the right, the last button was a "make ~ do" replacement added at one point as it does not match the rest. This referenced button also has a little surface wear on the left hand side as shown in images 9 & 10. The soles are still intact and were made to last!

I stuffed each shoe with brown tissue paper so they would keep their shape. I also added some homespun that was gently antiqued to the top and stuck in some red berries, also included, for a colorful accent. Overall these shoes are in good condition without any tears or holes to report. The color combination could not be better as it is neutral and will fit in any color scheme.

This "Modern Spelling Day" book was copyrighted by H. I. Gourley in 1883. The cover has an impressive building on the top while a young girl seems to be enthralled in her book reading among-st a peaceful country setting. Her toys that include a ball and a racket pictured off to the right, are set aside for the time being as this book seems to capture her undivided attention. A tall ladder can be seen just off to the right of where she is sitting and may symbolize a ladder of success as it reaches toward the top where the building is. A house flanked by towering trees is located off in the distance. A tree branch seems to propagate thriving ivy as it encompasses the outer edge of this scene on three sides. This drawing was done by F. Faust & S.C. Philas as referenced in the lower right hand corner. Don't you just want to jump right in!

The black cloth spine is in good condition and so is the book. There are no missing pages, tears, creases or writing that I can find in this lovely book. The cover does have some wear but the drawing even though light in color is still visible. There is a little stain on the upper right hand corner as referenced in image 16. No musty odors are present either.

What a great little display this pair would make especially on an early lap top desk with an old inkwell and feather quill nearby! Just adorable, sweet and would be a nice addition to your children's favorite collections! Enjoy!

The shoes measure 5 1/4" from the toe to the heel, stands 4" @ the tallest point including the homespun measurement and graduates down to 1" @ the toe & is 2" across (width of the baby's foot). The 1883 Spelling Book is 7 1/2" Tall, 4 7/8" across & is about 1/2" thick.

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