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Vintage Pedestal Bowl filled with Spring Pleasantries Fun


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While we all cope with staying at home for the time being why not bring in fresh pieces that make us feel good by way of creating happiness to our homestead that in turn lifts our spirits. This next offering may do just that as it evokes a sense of springtime renewal where new life is taking place outdoors as we speak. I saw a darling bird who decided to make her nest on top of our outdoor light and a week later her new family is alive and well! Papa bird even comes to help assist in the feedings!

You will receive everything as pictured in the bowl which is my interpretation of springtime fun laced with classic elements and textures. I was able to find a beautiful pedestal bowl fashioned from maple sporting a scalloped edge design. The base and post are turned and make for quite a showy piece! The warm color and form are terrific and the decorating possibilities for each season are very exciting!

My presentation includes a rustic outdoor feel that can be enjoyed indoors using natural elements to create this theme. I incorporated egg shell halves that were soaked in a combination of coffee and cinnamon to lend a warm neutral color to the mix. One egg is filled with green excelsior and wee eggs while an old chick cookie cutter keeps a close eye on her soon to be hatchlings.

White Balani Pods (one tied with brown homespun) that resemble eggs casting a chalk ware appearance graces the front and star anise was used as a flavorful accent. A piece of aged cheesecloth, crisp white burlap and flour sack material were tied together and tucked inside to soften the look. A real quail egg nests inside a wee basket along with an old clear medicine bottle filled with colorful cardamom seeds calls home in the back of the bowl. The soft brown excelsior is included and was added to gain height and creates even more rustic charm to the overall look.

The pedestal bowl is in very good condition and seems to be comprised of two parts that make up a whole as there are two lines that support this theory on the side of the bowl as shown in images 9 & 10. There are two tiny chips present on the outer rim of the bottom base as referenced in image 8. However no cracks or other chips are present. The pedestal possesses well defined turnings while the stepped, circular base adds important detail as shown in image 14. The bottom is not marked.

You can also fill the bowl with stone fruit, fresh apples, pumpkins or gourds for autumn decorating and don’t forget about Christmas as greens and berries can be placed inside along with a stand of lights to create holiday magic. This piece has abundant decorating possibilities and I am sure this pedestal bowl will become a favorite as it will surely delight you and your homestead for every season including the holidays! Enjoy!

The bowl stands 7” tall, measures 8” across the top (right to left) and measures 4 ¼” across the bottom base. Chick cookie cutter measures 2 1/4” tall by 1 ¾” across (right to left). Largest Balani pod is the size of a pool cue ball and the smallest is about the size of a small egg. Old medicine bottle stands 2 ¾” tall, measures ½” @ the top opening and measures 1” across the bottom (right to left). Fabric piece stands 6” tall and measures 3 1/3” across (right to left). Wee basket stands 2 ¾” tall, measures almost 2” across the top opening (right to left) and measures 1” across the bottom. The size of the aged eggs are of the large variety.

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