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Vintage Wall Box in Paint Christmas Theme


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Looking for something to hang on your wall that will add a touch of “good tidings” to your home this holiday season? This decorated wall box may just do the trick because the size is small enough to fit just about anywhere and it is affordable as well.

This wall box had several coats of paint added through the years as there are areas where the paint has chipped off as well as crevices. At one time a pale sage green paint was incorporated with deep beige peeking through in some areas as shown in image 7 (bottom and front of box). I thought the crisp, eggshell white color which reminds me of snow would be a perfect backdrop for the holidays as the colors of Christmas placed inside would really stand out.

This box is in good condition without any chips or cracks in the wood, just in the paint. I added faux greens, a wee gourd, heart pod, cones, a dried magnolia leaf from our farm and a hand knit red mitten dressed in dried cedar. These items are tucked inside the opening and arranged keeping balance and texture in mind. The mitten hangs from a wee nail I added to the top edge of the box and can easily be removed after the holidays. This offering is fun, gay, and cheerful… will indeed brighten up your homestead spiced with invigorating Christmas magic! Enjoy!

Wall box stands 9 ½” tall, measures 5 ½” across (right to left) and opening measures 1 ½” deep (front to back).

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