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Winter Sheep Gathering with "Hope Candle" Lights Up with Story


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This next offering evokes an outdoors theme in the woods with two wooly sheep set among-st greens and red flowers. The large pillar candle is in keeping with this theme as sheep are on one side and a beautiful church is on the other. The soft glow of candle light powered by batteries can be placed anywhere and adds warmth and interest to this special gathering.

Once upon a time two sheep decided to frolic in an enchanted forest that was just breathtaking boasting scented evergreens that shinned like deep emeralds against a sun lit sky. The sheep were taken with all of the beauty this forest held and were drawn deep inside where the landscape was the prettiest. Nightfall was fast approaching and the sheep sensed they were lost. Storm clouds blocked out the rays of the moonlight and the forest seemed ominous and dark. The temperature was dropping and the wind started to pick up scattering the last of the maple leaves hither and yon. The sheep were frightened and cold but they could not figure out how to get home where a warm barn was waiting for them with soft hay and food. Their cries in the night were heard and a beautiful light appeared in the forest. This was the opportunity they were waiting for as this light guided them safely home where they were greeted by their family and of course an inviting barn.

The pillar added to this offering symbolizes the “light and glow” of hope that is ever present and can be turned on by the switch located on the bottom. Don’t forget to add three triple A batteries and hope will always be something you can count on during this holiday season and beyond! (Batteries not included because of Post Office regulations).

I set out to create this piece with an old pie pan that would hold the greens, pine cones, red flowers, sheep and beech branches from our farm. The candle gains height by an old fluted tart tin and can be placed directly on top. You can also turn the candle around if you prefer the church theme that is located on the other side. The pair of sheep are contemporary adaptations of the German Putz variety and sport Christmas collars I added each dotted with a red berry.

This gathering can be set anywhere in your home and will draw attention because of the candle and the darling sheep who found their way home from a Christmas miracle! What an interesting story that can be passed along to family and guests during the holidays and may even become a tradition in your beautiful home! **Story included with this purchase! Enjoy!

Overall height is 14” including branches, 6 ½” (top of pillar candle). Pie Pan measures 9 ½” across (left to right) & 9 ½” deep (front to back) and 1” tall. Sheep measure 2” tall, 2” from nose to tail and ¾” over the back area (depth). Pillar candle stands 6” tall, and measures 3” across the top opening (right to left).

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