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Wire Basket Vintage Tomato Folklore Pincushions


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What an interesting offering I am excited to present today boasting nice color sprinkled with vintage character! This old wire basket (with a surprise feature) filled with delightful pincushions depicting a tomato shape is extremely versatile as far as the decorating possibilities are concerned. What a great start to collecting pincushions or can be added to your existing collection. You will receive four of these beauties!

The wire basket makes for a great display piece because you can see through it so whatever is placed inside will stand out. This basket can also be used for fruit in the kitchen or can be filled with greens and Christmas lights during the holidays too! The basket is in good shape and the surprise is…… the sides are individual sections that can be adjusted in a downward position so this basket almost lays flat, (not pictured, see measurements below)! This wire collapsible feature is ingenious as you will be able to gain more area to set items on like fabric hearts or even more pin cushions.

The surface on this basket has a well-seasoned dark patina but some random areas are lighter in color reflecting a bit of a shine. All of the wire is in great condition without any bends or breaks to report.

The gentle design of a horseshoe shaped top cascades down to form two opposing circles that encompass the sides of this basket. A graduated circle design graces the bottom and looks very similar to an old wire cooling rack. The feet consist of a tight, double wire construction that elevates the basket almost an inch from its resting place.

*Folklore Note: Did you know that it was considered good luck to place tomato pincushions on the mantle when you first move into a new home? This interesting piece of history dates back to the Victorian era.

The first pin cushion is marked “Taiwan” and has a circle of pins on one side. The color is slightly faded and there is a tiny hole on the left hand side. However the contents is secure. It measures 2 ½” across the top, 2 ¾” across the bottom and stands almost 2” tall.

The second pin cushion is lucky enough to still possess the emery that dangles freely by a green cord. The fabric on the emery sports tiny dots of black and mustard. There is a small tag that once revealed the “country of origin” but that information no longer exists. This pin cushion also has some fading to the red cotton but is in good condition without any holes (other than what the pins have left), rips or stains to report. It measures 2 ½” across the top, 2 ¾” across the bottom and stands 1 ¼” tall. See image 10.

The third pin cushion is just wonderful as the color is strong and the white pin heads make for a showy piece. The emery is intact and lazily hangs from a green cotton cord. This cushion is marked “Taiwan” as shown in image 12 even though the first three letters are only visible. There are also a couple tiny dark stains located on the top and left side of the pin cushion as well as on the emery. There are no holes other than existing pin indentations or rips to report. This piece is in good condition! It measures 2 ¾” across the top, 2 ¾” across the bottom and stands 2 ½” tall.

The last pin cushion has strong color and is the smallest. The emery unfortunately is missing but there are no holes or rips to report and it is in very good condition with strong color. This one measures 1 ¾” across the top, measures the same on the bottom and stands 1 ½” tall.

These sweet and fun tomato pin cushions must have interesting stories to tell if they could speak. I can imagine this useful tool being set out on a table near a bright and sunny window where patterns for dresses…. maybe for a wedding gown or a child’s play outfit would be scattered nearby. The creative sewer would reach for her pins as needed from her cheerful tomato pin cushion to aid her with the project at hand. Enjoy!

Wire Basket measures 9” across the top (right to left), measures 12 ½” across the inside bottom when the sides are laid flat, measures 7” across the bottom only not including the sides and stands almost 4” tall with the sides in an upward position.

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