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Witch Hazel Bottle Antique Cauldron with Roving Wool Witches Soap & Broom Primitive Halloween Gathering


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"Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble" are the words from Shakespeare's "Macbeth" written in 1606 and seem to fit right in with this next enchanting offering. Notice the crescent moon off to the left encompassed by stars that really set the mood for "All Hallows Eve". The last image number 12 is also quite spectacular and depicts a cloudy moonlit sky with the cauldron off to the right!

This antique cauldron is marked "Philadelphia, PA. & also "M" "00" on the bottom as shown in image 11. The caldron sports a wire handle inserted into raised "U" shaped sides. The surface wear is just as it should be with a rough almost orange peel exterior appearance that is smooth to the touch. The inside has surface rust present and has a rough texture from use. There are no holes or rusted out areas to report and this piece is heavy as it was probably made from cast iron. The form is wonderful and this cauldron could certainly be used for display in an open fireplace hanging from a crane or set on an iron spider that awaits a colonial "huswife".

I added roving wool, (this has not yet been processed for carding) which adds a unique, spooky and primitive look to the caldron! A small old bottle dressed in a Witch Hazel label I reproduced helps tie in the theme and looks so authentic. I filled this clear bottle with cayenne pepper for it's rich bittersweet color and then fashioned a cork from a tree branch I whittled down to fit the opening at the top.

A piece of lightly scented soap was added and portrays a happy witch Matilda, casting spells to her delight! All positive ones of course! This soap was dusted with spices and has a wonderful nutmeg color hue that really stands out amongst the roving wool it is nestled in. The detail on the soap is amazing as referenced in image 2 and there is even little lines around the border that resemble small executed stitches. Wonderful!

The last item chosen is of course a witches broom that was hand fashioned from wispy branches and bound with aged string. Matilda's broom stands ready for flight on Halloween as she graces the countryside with handfuls of magic dust that promise to make everyone's life a little better! I hope she knows where I live!!!! :) A good luck charm indeed! Enjoy!

I would like to thank my graphic artist Amy for doing such an amazing job on the Halloween special effects she added to my photography! She is so talented and brings sheer magic to everything she does!!!!

The caldron stands 9 1/2" Tall including the handle and 4 1/2" without, the top is 6" across and the opening measures 4 1/2", the bottom is 5 1/2" across. The witch hazel bottle stands 6" Tall & 1/2" deep. Witch Soap is 2 1/2" by 2 1/2" by 1/8" thick. Hand ~ made broom measures a generous 10 3/4" tall by about 3" wide.

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