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Wooden Bowl Nice Deep Rim and Butter Paddle


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How many bowls can one acquire? The answer is as many as your homestead can hold as amassed collections continue to grow as we search for a particular size, color or style. This bowl has a well pronounced outside rim lip as shown in image 7 and the color is just dreamy! A butter paddle with a notched end is also included in this gathering and they both look great displayed together.

The bowl is a little out of round and can generously hold large pieces of fruit or vegetables. A rich, crushed walnut shell color is pretty consistent on the outside and bottom area sporting dark striations throughout. A specific area located on the deep outer rim displays a darker color that seems to cascade in a downward position from the top edge (see image 15). There are also lighter color variations peeking through the warm patina that adds luscious character to the overall look. The inside appearance boasts a desirable maple color with darker hues that seem to be confined to the upper side portion of the bowl near the edge and the rim as shown in images 4 & 5.

The inside bottom of the bowl has been affected by several splits (see image 6) that do expand through to the underside bottom area as well, (shown in image 11). A couple pieces of wood are missing from the bottom, level foot of the bowl where the cracks are present and this rectangular area is also darker in appearance. As far as the inside of the bowl is concerned a lighter color hue seems more prevalent in the bottom but the contrast is slight and seems to blend in well with the overall color appearance.

This butter paddle is a survivor and has been dropped more than once by a cook with “butter fingers” literally and this is where the saying came from, aka a women who drops things on a constant basis! One of the chips was glued back in place and the overall color present in the chipped areas does seem to blend in well with the rest of the paddle (see image 18). This piece was hand carved as indicated by the notched end and can now be considered a retired piece. The little, smooth divot on the left hand side of the paddle is a nice character feature. If you decide to leave the paddle in the bowl, you can certainly adorn the inside with holiday splendor that will conceal this blemish.

Wooden bowls such as this one do present a wonderful array of decorating possibilities because they can be filled for each season with delightful possibilities such as gourds and pumpkins for autumn, greens, berries and pomegranates lit up with string lights for winter, birds nests and hearts for spring and fresh or stone fruit for the summer. You will have fun with this piece and can enjoy the “fruits of your labor” as long as you don’t have “butter fingers”!

The bowl stands 3 ¾” tall, measures 12 ½” across (right to left), 12 ¾” (front to back) and the bottom measures 4” across the flat side area (touching the surface it is placed on). Paddle is 8 ¾” long (tip of handle to edge of paddle), measures 5 ½” across (right to left) and the handle measures ½” across the top & 1” near the bottom where it meets the paddle.

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