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Wooden Dough Bowl Red Paint Bowl Filler and Early American Flax Towel


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Treenware is such a wonderful item to collect as there were so many unusual pieces created years ago to fulfill a need and to serve a purpose. This primitive round wooden bowl with fabulous surface wear was used for preparing bread along with other tasty main ~ stays that would certainly gain favor over a farmhouse table!

This bowl has the most wonderful grain that boasts a circular pattern throughout. The back has traces of crimson red paint and would come in very handy for Christmas decorating!

The bottom of the bowl did encounter a mishap with a stove and shows a defined burn mark as referenced in image 3. Opps! But the good news is I have concealed this area with some old wool and even created a couple of make ~ do patches using aged burlap. This repair looks worn and tattered to suit our primitive style and also acts as a pad so it will not scratch the surface it is placed on.

The inside of the bowl is absolutely wonderful as the color sports a medium walnut and looks so rich with the interesting grain it proudly exhibits. It is that good!

I am also including some Early Settler's Mix that was created especially for this bowl as a unique primitive accent. Cotton Bolls, dark Pods, Magnolia Leaves, Early Peas and Sweet Gum Balls incorporate well as the textures and colors are a nice compliment to each other. The cotton bolls came from Georgia and are not only soft and fluffy but are a generous size to boot!

I was able to find a fantastic flax linen towel that not only looks perfect paired up with the bowl because of the colors but also portrays a little history lesson on Wooden-ware pieces. Very unusual towel that I have never seen before. It is marked, "Wert", hard to make out, "Country Prints", "By Hand on Pure Linen". This pantry cloth is in perfect condition without any holes, rips or stains to report. Linen does wrinkle like crazy so I ironed this for the photo shoot because I wanted to capture the beautiful graphics.

This gathering is so unique and cheerful as red is an energy color that seems to add happiness to our hearts and our homesteads! Of course, I could use a full dose of that when I have a sink full of dishes to do! Yikes! Enjoy!

The bowl measures 11" across the top, 4" across the bottom that touches the surface where it is placed & 3 1/2" Tall. The Cotton Bolls are 1 3/4" across & 1 3/4" Tall, Dried Magnolia Leaves are 4 3/4" Long, dark Primitive Pod bunches vary in size but are about 5" Long and the Sweet Gum Balls also vary in size but are close to 1 1/2" tall, not including the stem. The Flax Linen Wooden-ware Towel or Pantry Cloth measures a generous 30" Tall by 17" Across.

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