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Wool Hand Tied Quilt Bold Fan Design Cozy


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As the temperatures outside stay near freezing during the day with the constant threat of either freezing rain, sleet and even snow in the forecast we all seem to appreciate our winter woolens. They not only keep us toasty warm when we go to bed but offer instant comfort draped over chairs as they can be grabbed in an instant to keep the chill at bay. This next offering will not only keep you warm but also lends a warm and cozy look to your home during these cold winter months. The colors are strong, cheerful and bright! The exciting bold design also makes a statement wherever it is placed.

This material palette consisting of an array comprised of sateen’s, velvet's, wool's and cottons lend exceptional texture to the overall look. Solid, along with printed fabrics and plaids were used at random and cut into sections to create the fan shaped pattern blocks. Turkey red thread was incorporated against a dark wool boucle ground to express hand stitched features along with the ties creating a very effective feature.

This quilt could have been used for a child as it does not entirely cover a double bed, as pictured but can drape over a chair or sofa quite nicely. Some antiques especially wood pieces do well over time and create a rich and warm patina we all favor but this is usually not the case when it comes to textiles. Fragile fabrics chosen for quilts back in the day do show some form of wear that is especially prudent for silks, velvet's and wool (moth nibbles). This example sporting the use of these fabrics has experienced some fraying, tiny holes, as well as a couple stains sprinkled randomly throughout as referenced in the images but not all of the blocks were affected as shown. There are no odors present.

I believe this quilt dates to the 1930 to 40’s period judging by the printed fabrics. A darling white embroidered flower located in one of the blocks seems to brighten our day with the hope and promise of springtime! The back of the quilt has a soft brushed flannel fabric with a double series of lines one larger than the other. There is also some fading limited to the back side only effecting a quarter of the quilt near the bottom edge portrayed in five separate rectangular squares and seems to be a mystery as to why the fading was not consistent.

If you happen to have a child’s bed this quilt would make for a great display with some old teddy bears or other stuffed animals placed near the headboard lending whimsical fun! You can also fold this quilt and place it in an open cupboard like a pie safe or even draped over a chair would create a cozy and warm feeling every time you walk by that will almost whisper, “Come and sit down so you can take advantage of my warmth”.

I feel quilts are an expression of the maker who interprets her project with a design that she favored adding little extra touches along the way that pleased her. It is always an honor to own such privileged textiles that may have taken months to complete. Her work is appreciated as the individual beauty and comfort stitched into this lovely quilt stands at the ready awaiting a cozy chair and a chilly recipient! Enjoy!

Measures 66 ¾” length by 39 ½” wide.

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