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Wool Heart Mittens with Snowman Candle Winter Gathering


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This next special gathering will certainly appeal to your “heart” for the holidays by lending warmth, coziness and color to your homestead without delay! The snowman candle cozies up quite nicely to the pair of hand knit wool mittens that are also included in this gathering along with the small broom.

Soft crimson red and snowy white wool were used to create these mittens fashioned by a Canadian artist. The front shows a double heart while the inside of the mitten boasts a single heart done in a stunning crimson red color. The ribbed cuff sports a triple stripe with a piece of black yarn woven into the pair so they will not get lost. A spray of faux greens accented with acorns adorn the front of one mitten while the other was left plain. The heart design presents a folk art look while capturing whimsy and charm.

This snowman candle was fashioned from blackened beeswax, then rubbed with scented spices. Mr. Snowman was carved on the front and accented with paint so he could be seen from afar. I also added trailing vines with leaves and berries that flank this snow fellow by adding even more color and interest. A votive battery operated candle rests nicely in the well provided at the top as shown in image 10. There is no timer just an “on and off” switch located on the bottom. Aged cheesecloth was wrapped around the light to act as a neutral flame as well as to gain height.

Lastly, I felt the snowman candle needed to be a little taller so this gathering would look just right. My idea was to add a fluted tart tin for the candle to rest upon and it worked out well. A small broom I fashioned was a must to go with this gathering as every snowman should always have one nearby!

The good news is you don’t need a meadow to build this snowman as the “Winter Wonderland” song states…..”In the meadow we will build a snowman”! He is happy to make your acquaintance and is ready to be displayed with the cozy red mittens immediately. This gathering promises to be a favorite and will bring holiday cheer to your beautiful homestead for this special time of year including the winter months that lay ahead! Enjoy!

Heart Mittens measure 9 ½” tall, measures 5” across the widest point (including thumb) and measures 3” across the bottom. Overall height of snowman candle (including the tart tin base to the top of the cheesecloth is 5 ½”, candle itself measures 3 ¼” tall, measures 2 ¼” across the top and measures 2 ½” across the bottom. Small votive light stands 1 ½” tall (including the cheesecloth and measures 1 ¼” across the bottom. Tart tin stands 1” tall, measures 3” across the top and measures 2” across the bottom.

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