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Yelloware Bowl and Spatterware Creamer 19th Century


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Spring is on its way and let the decorating begin for this beautiful time of year that promises color to the dreary landscape once again! This yelloware bowl along with a spatterware creamer filled with flowers (also included) is guaranteed to bring colorful happiness into your home.

Even though the colors in the pitcher and bowl do not exactly match they seem to still be a harmonious couple! The bowl sporting a butter yellow ground mixed with subtle teal elements compliments the creamer lending an ivory ground with cornflower blue swirl accents. The bowl is in excellent condition without any cracks to report.

There is one lone small chip located on the bottom edge. It has a nice deep sized attribute along with a pronounced rolled rim lip which indicates a 19th century piece. A small area on the bottom of the bowl apparently missed the glazing process but is hard to detect unless under direct light. There is consistent gentle crazing throughout that offers plenty of character to this piece.

The creamer possesses a delicate form incorporating recessed design elements to the handle that include a raised dot near the top. Vestiges of gold gilt appear on the top rim as well as the upper portion of the handle. Tan colored age related areas appear at random…. some darker than others as shown. There is a tight crack on the bottom that works its way up toward the spout that is also visible on the inside as referenced in images 5 & 6. This crack occurred long ago because of the discoloration factor.

It appears there is a burgundy stain on the right edge of the handle as referenced in image 11. A tiny slit is also visible in this area that runs in a horizontal position and I believe this was present before firing. There are no chips to report…not even on the tip of the pouring spout which is a rarity!

I chose an array of faux flowers as an accent for the creamer that includes white tulips and buttercup yellow arrangements boasting vivid leaves. This spring gathering would look right at home on your dining room table or placed near a sunny windowsill where the rays can playfully dance off the surface allowing for a special luster that creates warmth and beauty in your home. Enjoy!

Bowl measures 8” across the top, stands 2 ¾” tall and measures 5 ¾” across the bottom. Creamer stands 4” tall, measures 2 ¾” across the top, measures 3” across the top where the spout is and measures 3” across the bottom.

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