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Crewel Worked Floral Design with Cornucopia


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This beautiful crewel worked floral design that is seemingly sprouting from a cornucopia is just waiting for a chance to make you and your homestead happy by gracing a wall lending delightful results. It is of the vintage variety possibly around “1975” as the art gallery who framed this piece started business around this time.

The linen canvas seems to come alive with an array of glorious flowers depicting a lone rose, pomegranate, sunflowers and other folk art examples that were expertly done. If you look at the intricate work as shown, highlights of complimentary colors achieved by using variegated wool's were added as magnificent accents that create shading as well as exciting dimension…as referenced in the pink rose. There are vestiges of green peeking through the linen at the top or bottom of the stitched areas which suggests a pattern was probably used.

Satin, seed, running and chain stitches just to name a few were executed in this piece that creates interesting focal points along with successful “reprieve” areas that are also crucial in any skilled piece of artwork. For example, the leaves are comprised of three different stitches but the “seed stitch” lends respite to the inner part of the leaf. You certainly can get drawn in by the vibrant color variations along with the bold floral motif!

Of course, the cornucopia is stunning and seems to offer new insight as a flower holder compared to traditional use during the Thanksgiving holiday. Even though this piece does not date to the 19th century it still is a gorgeous textile sprinkled with intrinsic folk art lending style and charm to any room it is placed in…especially for the spring and summer months. It is also more affordable compared to an earlier piece.

The frame exhibits a grey blue appearance with black speckling done at random. The outer edge of the frame mimics gold leaf while the inner edge (top area) sports a darker gold appearance. The gold color seems indecisive as it could present a brighter or darker hue depending on how much light is in the room. There is no glass.

The back of the frame shows tears in the black matte paper it is covered with as shown while two felt circles applied to the bottom corners help protect the wall it is placed on. A piece of twisted wire anchored with eye hooks is used to hang this lovely textile. One suggestion is to hang this piece just above a table that can be used to create a sewing theme using wool and flax in a basket along with a sewing roll up and pin cushions nearby. Great piece that will bring a little sunshine to your day every time you pass by! Enjoy!

Measures 14 ½” across, stands 14” tall and is almost 2” deep.

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