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Tied Prairie Quilt Honeycomb Pattern Colorful


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This romantic prairie quilt is absolutely gorgeous as it possesses a vibrant color palette that is not only exciting but the fabric examples chosen are indicative of the mid to late 19th century. Cinnamon pinks, chrome greens, cadet blues along with an array of shirting fabrics mixed in with earlier madder prints are very tempting to resist! Calico’s, homespun’s, florals, stripes, plaids and geometric flavorful patterns sprinkled at random certainly make for an interesting and showy quilt! There are also some fugitive elements scattered randomly throughout as referenced in image 16. Based on the condition, this beauty was probably stored away safely in a loving chest for years.

Tied quilts are a little more simple in the design as the quilting factor was eliminated. Each individual hexagon shape once joined with their “sisters” enhances the overall look representing a honeycomb design when completed. I can just imagine how labor intensive this piece was to create by connecting hundreds of hexagon pieces together while also having to implement the tied features that are present by way of using thick yarn…in this case lending a soft burnt orange color.

There are some areas that reflect light stains as shown in images 22, through 25. I can only find one area that shows fraying with loss as referenced in image 26. A small section of the edging (outermost border) has been compromised with fabric loss and was hand stitched to prevent further problems by securing the remaining fabric as shown in images 29 & 30. One more smaller section has been repaired in the same manner as referenced in images 31 & 32.

The condition is still very good without any fading or holes to report! Hand stitching includes whip stitches on the front border as shown in images 27 & 28. The back of the quilt is comprised of a classic mourning print pattern that sports a black and oyster white calico print on a soft grey ground that cascades over the border edges.

I can envision this in a quiet bedroom that is decorated in the country style lending accents of prairie life on a farm. Old animals such as teddy bears along with interesting pillows can grace the head of the bed along with a basket filled with dried wildflowers that were perhaps picked from the meadow. The earthy colors in this tied quilt will also be perfect if you decorate in the primitive style as well. It is a heavy and cozy textile that would certainly offer cozy comfort on a cold winters night. Enjoy!

Quilt measures 74” by 74” and will accommodate a full size bed (53” by 74.5”).

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