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Dutch Sampler Red with Birds and Heart Motifs


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Festive red and white Dutch sampler delights us with bird and heart motifs that grace the bottom of this delightful textile. Signed by the maker, “Luise Jiacone” and wrought when she was just 10 years old. This needlework sampler is not dated but was probably worked around the turn of the century. Gift wrapping included as shown and would look beautiful placed under the tree!

A series of a repeated Greek Key design elements along with a staggered double cross stitch design just below adds further detail at the border points. An arranged ensemble of single floral motifs flank the centerfield of opposing birds sporting blue eyes. They appear to be holding a crown with double heart elements residing just below.

One of the red threads exhibits a bit of fraying referencing the Greek Key design as shown by the arrow. No loss to report. There are some areas that have experienced light toning (age spots) sprinkled randomly throughout but not enough to spoil the overall appearance.

Some of the letters referencing the first three rows, are repeated twice while others are repeated thrice. The letter “I” & “J” were wrought only once and the letter “W” is nonexistent. Sampler showing a contemporary grain painted frame not only lends importance to the sampler but also enhances the overall look. This textile is protected under glass and has a decorative paper back done in a large window pane check. A portion of the back paper has a raised wavy appearance compared to being pulled taught.

Perfect for holiday decorating and beyond. Smaller size lends more opportunities for display. This cheerful piece of art can proudly grace any wall or cupboard lending color and style. Enjoy!

Sampler measures 12 ½” across, measures almost 11 ¼” tall and is ¾” deep (thick).

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