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Cat in the Window Painting Charming


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Lovely folk art painting showing a recumbent cat in a window scene having a grain painted frame. The artist captured a decorated piece of pottery (pitcher) on the lower shelf along with another object painted in green. Hanging conveniently above the window is a hay bale hook so it would not get misplaced in the barn.

The cat seems very content resting on the window ledge taking an afternoon nap. She has the earmarks of a calico sporting a tiger forehead that suited the artists creativity. It appears there is a redware charger with mustard decoration set just behind her that adds vivid color and interest. The nicely executed grain painted frame displays an oxblood red ground with black accents. A piece of the paper backing is torn.

Perfect size as this painting is not very large but will add charm to any cozy corner or your home. Enjoy! 🐱

Measures 15” across, stands 11” tall and is ¾” deep.

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