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Hand Carved Bowl Spoon Spring Gathering


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Unique primitive hand carved bowl lending shallow form with a dry attic surface delights us with spring accruements and a hand carved spoon that are also included.

It appears that wedges of wood have been placed on the sides and pieced to join each wooden counterpart. I am not convinced that this is a “make-do” repair but rather intended when the bowl was constructed. The wood has dark areas along with medium and lighter hues that appear at random lending an overall hit and miss color variation.

Several cracks can be seen on the side of the bowl as well as on the bottom edge. Exact age is unknown but we do know that the cracks and surface lend a clue that this piece of treen was not made recently. A very faint area on the bottom exhibits white residue that may resemble paint. Several tiny chips can also be found on the rim. Overall condition is very good and the bowl shows extremely well sporting nice carvings that were painstaking done.

Interesting variety of root cellar apples, faux pear’s, a bird’s nest, wispy spring greens, a gourd birdhouse, white berries and an early brown bottle grace the inside of the bowl. Bottle showing a kicked up bottom is in good overall condition without any chips or cracks to report.

This piece can also be rearranged and filled with a collection of butter stamps or prints, cookie cutters or whatever delights you. The shallow form is fabulous because you can actually see the collections housed inside from a distance.

Old hand carved spoon having a trio of incised lines just above the bowl on the handle lends decorative form. End has been notched so the spoon does not fall into the bowl. There are a couple tiny chips on the edge but no cracks to report. Glorious patina throughout and was probably fashioned from maple that gives way to a warm appearance.

This rustic piece of treen would be a perfect accent for any table it is placed on filled with interesting pieces you favor! Enjoy!

Bowl measures 13 ¼” across the top (right to left), measures 13 ¼” across the top front to back, stands 3” tall and measures 8 ¾” across the flat bottom area. Carved spoon stands 10 ¼” tall, handle measures ½” across and the bowl measures almost 2 ½” across. Overall height of the bottle is 7” tall, bottle by itself stands 4 ½” tall, top measures almost 1” across and the bottom measures 2” across.

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