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White Rabbit Holding Carrot Marked Japan


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🐇White rabbit holding a carrot in his mouth will certainly not go hungry as he borrowed it from Mr. McGregor’s garden. Hand painted features include crimson red accents on the ears, mouth and eyes. He has a folk art attitude and the carrot he is holding suggests it may be spun cotton.

He is marked “Japan” on the right side near the bottom edge. Exact age unknown but the inference of “Japan” may give us a clue that he possibly was made before WW2. The lack of wear may not substantiate this date but then again he could have been stored and well cared for as well.

The opening on the bottom (cover is missing) suggests this rabbit could have been a candy container. I am uncertain as far as the material he is made out of…some sort of composition? The feet show an applied appearance referencing the top and bottom areas.

He is not picky as far as where you place him but prefers to be in an Easter gathering so he can be part of the fun! Enjoy!

Stands 5 ½” tall, measures 1” across his head and bottom measures 1 ¾” across and measures 2” from the foot to the back of the tail.

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