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Ironstone Marble Wedgewood Plate Easter Hen in Basket


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A little vintage chenille hen found her place in an old basket filled with prairie grass and an authentic hand blown quail egg. The ironstone plate is also included and used as an undertray.

This heavy ironstone plate was made at the J. Wedgwood Pottery Company in the mid-1800's. John Wedgwood, owned and operated potteries in Burslem and Tunstall, Staffordshire, England. This example is marked with his “1847” Royal China registry hallmark shown on the back referencing image 14.

There is an elongated small chip that is darker in color along with some areas near the bouge (where inside well meets the rim) that also appear a little darker as referenced in images 8 & 9. A tiny speck of pink, though hard to detect is located on the inside bottom of the plate. Various tiny chips can be found on the inside of the bouge as well as a larger chip and small crack on the back footed base.

Slight areas of deeper color variations are located on the back of the plate near the edge as well as on the top rim. This plate still shows well boasting an interesting cornflower blue “marble” pattern set against a warm beige ground.

The unusual shape of this taller basket makes it a perfect place for “Miss Henrietta” the hen, to call home. She is in good condition but does have glue residue on the bottom of her feet. I wanted to create an Easter basket so I fashioned a handle using wire and a cinnamon stick. The basket does not sit perfectly straight therefore I am including a twig that can be placed underneath to compensate for the unevenness. There are no breaks in this vintage basket to report and the warm patina is quite delicious.

This gathering is so versatile as the plate can also be filled with birds’ nests along with eggs to create yet another display opportunity if you so choose. Happy Easter and enjoy!

Overall height including plate 6 ½” tall, plate measures 6 ¼” across the top, measures 3 ¼” across the bottom (footed base area), stands almost 1” tall. Basket measures 5 ¾” tall including the handle, basket itself is out of round and measures 3 ¾” on the right and measures 3 ¼” on the left, measures 3 ½” across the top and measures 1 ½” across the bottom. Chenille hen stands 2 ¾” tall, measures 1 ½” beak to tail and measures ¾” across her back. Quail Egg measures 1 ¼” front to back and measures ¾” across.

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