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Bean Pot Redware Color Vintage with Autumn Flavor


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This bean pot has a deep and luscious redware color that is perfect for autumn decorating and beyond! The form is impressive boasting two handles on either side and the lid has three raised circles that add overall detail and beauty to this piece.

I am not sure how old this pottery is but could date back to the 1940’s or 50’s and is marked “USA” on the bottom as shown in image 11. The true color of this piece seems to change depending on how much light is cast upon it. Image 3, shot outdoors with natural light reflects an earthy red tone that closely resembles a bittersweet hue. You can see the difference when I photographed this indoors as this piece is a little darker and resembles a soft, nutmeg brown color with a redware cast as shown in the first image. The shiny, glazed surface attracts light and will reflect just about anything around it.

Image 4 shows several areas that have tiny glaze pops which occurred during the manufacturing process. There are also a couple areas located on the back where the glaze may not have taken therefore the eggshell white clay was left exposed as shown in image 6. There are also some small indentations located on the back near the bottom and also near the end of the handle that was not photographed…. as the bounce back from the lighting issues was just too difficult. A tiny piece of clay is just below the outermost rim in the front, near the handle, on the right hand side but is hard to detect. A dark streak can also be found just below the handle on the left side that was incorporated into the glaze. However the right side of the handle does not posses this feature.

Image 8 mimics a soft tortoise shell design on the top of the handles as well as on the top rim. These colors comprised of a rich milk chocolate intertwined with dark brown, scattered at random make for a special piece that can be savored for a long time! The inside glaze is the same color as the outside but does possess the same tortoise shell design feature, though muted.

The ground lid has a pronounced knob on top with three raised circles encompassing this area. A tiny piece of clay was fired in and can be seen on top of the knob as shown in image 9. The underside of the lid has three very tiny dots (the size of a pin) that seemed to have skipped the glazing process, shown near the middle indentation, see image 10.

This bean pot is in very good condition without any cracks or chips to report and also has consistent color throughout. What a great piece of affordable pottery to place on the table for supper filled with, of course…. “Boston Bakes Beans”! A wonderful recipe will be included that we hope you and your family will enjoy! Happy Baking!

Bean Pot stands 6” tall, measures 5 ¼” across the top opening, edge to edge, measures about 8 ½” across the top from the end of the right handle to the end of the left handle and measures almost 6” across the bottom. The opening without the lid measures 4” across (right to left) and the lid itself measures almost 4 ½” across.

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