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Foot Warmer Circular Form with Punched Hearts


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I am sure everyone enjoys items that can be lit especially during the evening hours and even though this piece was not intended for this “lit feature” purpose……. it sure does make an awesome statement today! This foot warmer displaying unique circular form c.1790~1830 even retains the original coal receptacle. Another great surprise is the randomly placed Folk Art Hearts that dominate the top of this warmer.

Rosehead, square and round nails were used in the construction while replacement screws can be found under the top edge to aid in the longevity and continued use. There are several nails missing near the top and bottom edges referencing one example shown in image 28. Various cracks are located on the top and outside bottom edges as referenced in images 20, 21 & 22 & 27. There is also one crack limited to the bottom edge as shown in images 33 & 34. This piece is still sturdy and displays well especially when lit.

The wood exhibits a dry surface and there is consistent wear on the edges as referenced in image 23. Two horizontal pieces of wood on the top location were mortised in to fit snuggly into the circular rimed counterpart as referenced in image 3. Directly under these strips of wood lies a “riser” to elevate the height so it equals the mortised element it rests upon. What is so interesting about these little “risers” are the incised numbers that appear within a square as shown in images 24 & 25 which is a mystery.

The square metal coal receptacle still remains with this piece and sports “envelope” folded sides secured by early rivets along with folded edges. There are no holes to report. Traces of chalky white residue are present on the inside bottom of the receptable as shown in image 41. A convenient nifty finger loop can be found on the front secured by a rivet.

I will also be including a little newspaper clipping dated February “1996 showing the auction results of this particular piece that was included when I purchased the foot warmer as referenced in image 43.

This early foot warmer is a great survivor that is not easy to find because of the form. It would look wonderful placed on a table where you can easily place a strand of 25 Christmas lights inside to capture the punched tin design features that will illuminate especially during the evening hours. This piece can also be used in a bedroom on top of a blanket chest by offering a pattern of scattered reflections from the design element onto the surface. Beautiful!!! Enjoy!

Foot warmer stands 6 ¾” tall, measures 10 ¼” across the top (right to left), measures 10 ½” across the top (front to back) and bottom measures 10 ¼” across.

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