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Grain Dry Measure with Autumn Pleasantries


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Just give me an excuse to be creative……..such as using an empty dry measure that can be filled with interesting botanicals for the autumn season which I am now presenting to you! Everything inside is included so it is ready to set out in your beautiful home as soon as it arrives.

I found some wonderful fabric that I enhanced using random brush strokes of paint that resemble a warm and earthy rust tone to accent the leaves. The fabric gently drapes over the side of the bucket to soften the look. This grain measure boasts a dry light dry surface with appropriate nail bleed on the front lapped over edge as shown in images 2 & 3. Some wood loss occurred long ago referencing the bottom edge under the vertical nails, see image 4 and there is also a small chip near the top edge where the first nail is located as shown in image 12. A dark vertical mark is visible in the front, off to the right of the nail configuration along with a light grey streak located in the same area.

A crack that covers the bottom and inside of the measure was repaired and is now sturdy as referenced in image 25 & a closer view is shown in image 26. Wood loss can also be seen on the inside pertaining to the lapped over construction as shown in image 22. This loss does not affect the integrity of the measure as it is still structurally sound. Lastly, there is a piece of wood missing from the bottom that occurred long ago near the edge of the measure as shown in image 25.

Measures such as this one were used on a daily basis and are bound to have imperfections that translate to honest wear, now perceived as “influenced character”. This piece still shows well and can be used as a great display for each holiday filled with attractive accoutrements. Pumpkin gourds, an artificial spray of orange pomegranates, bundled corn husks, a beeswax acorn along with corn wrapped in shucks, gumballs, a real pumpkin stem and a couple quince slices adorn the inside of the measure that represent and beckon autumn into our homes. Brown excelsior was used on the bottom of the measure to gain height for these botanical pleasantries.

This measure will serve as a beautiful display for the holidays too as you can fill the inside with greens and crimson red berries. Mini lights can also be tucked inside that will offer a glorious and magical display for this heartfelt season. Old cookie cutters can take center stage on top of the greens for kitchen and holiday table decorating too. You can also add freshly baked gingerbread's tucked inside that will entice playful fun for your family and special guests. Nice versatile piece that can certainly hold high regard as a mainstay by incorporating interesting items that please both you and your homestead! Enjoy!

Measure stands 5 ¼” tall, measures 9” across the top and bottom.

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