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Mourning Needlework and Watercolor on Silk Lemon Gold Frame Exemplary


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This exquisite offering is considered “high country” and I am thrilled to present this extraordinary textile to you today! It was worked on silk and the finely executed stitches certainly represent a showy piece that will hold high regard on any wall.

This needlework dates to around 1820 and is in fine condition! Impressive tiny sequins were used as a decorative accent to highlight the top, raised portion of the unified scalloped design that extends in a loop pattern. This continuous design element that is part of the oval circle seems to protect and isolate the floral vines located just below also constituting an oval form. These exhibit a delicate reticulated floral pattern that dominates the second center surrounded by the first double stitched oval circle.

What lies within the third (center area) surprises us with a second medium using a watercolor painting technique depicting a symbolic mourning scene. This scene portrays a distraught woman holding her head in anguish over the death of a loved one. But alas, the swans swimming in the cool, blue water are there to comfort her while the church high on top of a mountain stands at the ready awaiting lost souls. A fountain unleashes a gentle waterfall while the decorative urn on top of a pediment gestures a symbolic feature.

The silk embroidery work executed on each corner is exceptional boasting stylized leaves and grapes that were expertly done. Image 7 reflects discoloration around the leaves shown in a pale blue color. This does not appear to be a “color run” as the thread color in the leaves does not suggest a blue hue. There are no tears or breaks in the stitching to report.

This needlework is enhanced by a lemon gold frame that has a later date than the needlework. This piece is protected under glass. The frame is secured by nails as shown in image 12 that may have been added at a later date to help secure it through the years. Image 11 shows the bottom left hand corner of the frame that reflects separation. However, image 14 references the adjustment that Harry made so the mitered corners now fit flush. This lemon gold frame does exhibit wear including loss to the surface. There are also traces of masking tape located on the back that could have held paperwork at one point in regards to providence of the family but this is just a guess.

Overall condition of this textile is very good as the colors are strong without evident fading present. The glass is in good condition without any scratches or cracks to report. This wonderful textile is yearning for a place of prominence in a home where the occupants will enjoy and cherish it for a long time.

Measures 11 ¾” tall, 13 ½” across (right to left) and is ¾” deep.

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