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Old Pennsylvania Divided Primitive Carrier in Red Paint filled with Gingerbread and Greens


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Have you ever ordered a Pizza with "The Works" on it? This unique offering can be equated to this circumstance as it was indeed designed to hold, "The Woks"! O.K., I have to admit I was hungry at the time but those creative juices began to flow and this is the end result! :)

This old divided carrier came from Pennsylvania and has nice canted form. There are some areas in the left back corner and inside that are rough where the paint has worn off as shown in images 7 through 9. Overall condition is good and there is evident nail bleed in the wood that can be seen in image 10. The image also shows small round nails that were used to construct this primitive beauty. The carrier has the proper amount of wear from being used and the time worn crimson red paint is just perfect for holiday or year round decorating.

A generous portion of various greens were chosen to fill the carrier along with some interesting surprise accents tucked inside. I used a dried Magnolia Pod and added old boucle wool fabric I stitched up with the words, "Merry Christmas" accented with some blue mountain juniper berries for a unique touch. A baked gingerbread using an antique cookie cutter for inspiration, really lends old ~ fashioned charm to this little guy. A chenille candy cane lightly dusted with Mica graces his neck while ornamental poppies from my dear friends garden lay just below.

Off to the right an antique grater that has the best dark patina can be seen in the corner. The raised letters indicate this is called a "3 in 1 Lightning Shredder Pat Pend". A diminutive lantern, though not old, sports primitive mustard paint and is a nice compliment to the mix. This can also be used as an ornament! Just insert the small light from a tree into the back where the rubber grommet is for illumination. The door in the front can also be opened.

An old interesting wooden paddle stands ready for the "huswife" off to the left and boasts a warm rich honey tone. The front of the paddle reveals a couple dark lines on an angle position as shown in image 16. A 1/3 capacity antique dark tin measuring cup holds a small tangelo added just for color but will not be included with this offering as it is not dried. Pine cones inter laden among the greens lend such an outdoor forest theme and create a woodsy feel.

This piece has it all and will certainly make a statement on a farmhouse table for the holidays softly lit by candlelight. Merry Christmas!

The carrier measures a generous 29 1/2" Long, stands 8" @ the tallest point (center), almost 3" tall (measurement from each of the four sides) & 9" deep. Small Lantern is 4" tall & 1 1/2" across the bottom. The Tin Grater is almost 7" tall & 3 1/2" across. Gingerbread stands 6" Tall by 4 " across from arm to arm. The Magnolia Pod is 6" tall by 2 1/2" across and lastly the wooden paddle is almost 9" tall by almost 3" across.

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